June 2021: Meet Our Members

Meet Shelley Marshall

Shelley Marshall Headshot  Shelley is a fairly new member to MASHSMD, but she quickly became more valuable to us after she joined our Board of Directors as part of the Marketing Communications Committee. She was first introduced to our organization by another Board member whom she had worked closely with over the past few years. She knew MASHSMD was the right place for her since meeting new people in her field is something that’s very important to her. Being part of our organization gives her the opportunity to use her experience and expertise to network with others while also supporting the mission of the organization.

After Shelley had graduated from Susquehanna University in 1998 and she was living in New York City for some time, she was inspired to work in healthcare. If it weren’t for the exceptional care she had received in a healthcare setting while in her twenties, she may have never decided to enter the field herself. It is now 15 plus years later and Shelley has absolutely no regrets about her career decisions and is currently furthering her education by pursuing a post-grad certificate from the Digital Marketing Institute. Alongside her education, she works as a Digital Strategy Director for University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). Shelley holds a valuable position for her company as she oversees regional digital marketing campaigns and provides digital strategy for supporting growth and engagement with the consumers of our healthcare system.

To get to know Shelley better, she was asked what she does in her spare time. When she’s not working for UPMC, putting in hours for our organization, or actively earning another degree, she spends a portion of her time running or boxing to remain healthy and to decompress. And she enjoys spending time with her 14-year-old daughter and watching her play field hockey. She understands it’s important to find moments for herself and loved ones when dealing with her own personal hectic schedule and everything else going on in the world, including the pandemic.

This COVID-19 pandemic has not only been challenging, but also very eye-opening to Shelley and many other healthcare workers. From a professional perspective, she learned quickly to adapt to the evolving workplace while still managing to be successful both individually and as a team. She had to discover new ways to work virtually while also helping her daughter adjust to virtual learning. More than ever, Shelley understands that she is not alone with the many challenges she faces as a healthcare marketer. She strongly encourages anyone who is in healthcare marketing or communications to get involved in MASHSMD. Whether we’re living through a pandemic or not, she knows that our organization is a great opportunity to meet new people in this field and share new skills, ideas, information, or support.

If you want someone like Shelley in your life or just want to discuss digital marketing strategies and ideas with her, don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you’re interested in learning more about MASHSMD and want to get involved contact [email protected] or anyone else on the Board of Directors and we’ll find a place for you here!

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