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June 27, 2023, 11:30 a.m.

Recruitment, Retention, and What To Do Now

Burn out, mandates, politicized healthcare, flawed processes, and lower-than-ever employee morale. We’re all exhausted. We need real answers and creative solutions to address what’s happening and ensure our communities can continue to deliver quality healthcare.

This session will share the bold strategies we’ve employed to help healthcare organizations protect their brand, build a patient-centric and mission-aligned internal culture, and create a healthier recruitment pipeline through wellness, DEI, and digital transformation initiatives.

Learning Objectives and Applications:

  • Strategies for building a patient-centric, mission-aligned culture to “re-recruit” high-performers in your organization
  • New tactics to modernize recruitment and strengthen your pipeline
  • Creative and strategic ideas for getting started prioritizing recruitment as a dedicated part of marketing efforts

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Paul Fahey is Vice President of healthcare marketing agency Smith & Jones. He has helped clients rebuild brands after bankruptcy, grow service lines amid fierce competition, attract and retain top talent, and make deeper connections with donors and the communities they serve. Paul is also one of the authors of Smith & Jones’ newest book, Under the Influence – Second Edition: The Anthology of Healthcare Marketing Best Practices.

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Better Data, Better Bottom Line

Information to be announced soon.