Membership in MASHSMD is a great way to enhance your standing both within your organization and professional community. MASHSMD has one annual conference with multiple other opportunities for engagement throughout the year. Members of MASHSMD enjoy professional, educational and personal privileges including:

  • Free webinars
  • Discount rates on conferences
  • Option to submit articles for newsletters
  • Free online job postings for recruiting new staff
  • Discount on SHSMD membership, seminars, and webinars
  • Opportunities to speak at conferences or webinars
  • Extensive networking with colleagues who offer wide-ranging experiences and expertise
  • Exclusive access to the Members Resources site with access to previous presentations and webinars

We offer two year-long membership options:

  • Individual Member - $105
  • Corporate Member - $355 (up to 4 members from a single organization)

Join today and discover how MASHSMD can help you grow professionally. Your name will be added to future mailings and our electronic membership directory within two weeks.


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