September 2021: Meet Our Members

Meet  Don Serfass

 Don Serfass is the Content Strategy and Sales Director at Baldwin Publishing in Washington Crossing, Pa. Baldwin Publishing licenses health and wellness content it has curated that is both editorially and medically reviewed. Most of its customers are in the medical field. He is a graduate of Rider University  in New Jersey.

In this blog post, read more about Don, his work and his experience at MASHSMD!

Why did you decide to work in health care?

My wife has been in health care for 40 years, and I thought it would be a great industry to be work with. I see the need for good health care content and realize that a number of hospitals do not have the manpower and resources to keep up with the demand internally.

Why did you decide to join MASHSMD?

I joined so that I can be in tune with what is happening in the industry and network with people who are interested in industry events and current affairs. The movers and shakers!

How long have you been involved with MASHSMD?

I am a newbie, only a couple of months!

 What is one thing that this pandemic has taught you?

It has taught me a lot, but my biggest personal takeaway is this – life will throw you many challenges and this one is a doozy. But in the end, you just need to stay grounded and follow your heart. Do what makes you happiest and take one day at a time. I made a career change in a difficult time and haven’t looked back. A positive attitude is essential!

 Do you have a motto in life or a phrase you always say to motivate or encourage you?

I don’t know who to credit this to: “You can’t start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”

 How have you benefited from being a member of MASHSMD?

I feel that the membership has already paid off just interacting with colleagues and hearing a fantastic presentation! . I look forward to other events and hopefully in person meetings in the near future.

What is one thing that you learned from being a member of MASHSMD or learned from your peers in the organization?

We all have similar struggles getting through this pandemic and it was nice to hear others vent about what challenges they face and be able to open-up to an audience that can certainly relate.

What is a fun fact about yourself that no one would ever guess?

It’s probably that I’m a total Civil War nerd. I go to Gettysburg like six  times a year, and I have a pretty large book library. I hope to write my own book one day about the Civil War.

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